Shop at the Italian retail price without going to Italy
Avaz is the leading platform to discover over 1,000 of the world’s best luxury brands at the best price in the market.
We're passionate about Italy’s amazing luxury shopping and thought, why not make that accessible to the world? Through our innovative site, customers purchase brand-new, in-season, completely authentic items at the Italian retail price, which is typically lower than retail prices around the world. This equates to a consistent savings of 30% to 70%.
Avaz is like shopping on the streets of Milan, Rome, and Florence without ever leaving your home.


Our vision is simple: combine cutting-edge technology, efficient logistics, and the best luxury brands in the world to offer the Italian retail price to global shoppers. Since the beginning, we’ve focused on execution, while still being creative in our approach and fostering great ideas among our team.
"We love combining tech and luxury fashion, which are two worlds that have traditionally been at odds. But with each innovation and instance of cross-pollination, they’re growing closer together, becoming more synonymous and complementary."
-Mo Musleh, Avaz CEO


Avaz was born in Silicon Valley in 2020 with a vision to give Access to italian brands as if bringing italy to everyones door steps, Today we’re based in San Francisco, with offices in Europe. We’re a diversified, multilingual team of passionate luxury enthusiasts with a special appreciation for the uniqueness of Italian retail shopping.

Our Promise

What we do? We connect savvy luxury shoppers with brand new, in-season fashion and luxury products at a consistent savings of up to 70%. Through our network of Italian partner boutiques, orders are delivered by global express mail in 2-4 business days. For those in the know, Avaz just does it better. #avazdoesitbetter